Pardon The Interruption…

ohs curtainDear friends,

First, I want to thanks to all faithful readers and contributors.

The ride this site has been on since it’s inception in November 2013 has been incredible and many changes have come about.

But before your mind start racing with ideas, no, this is NOT a goodbye letter.

Far from it.

The One Hour Startup is simply in for another very big change.

See, I have a vision – and it extends far beyond the One Hour Startup brand.

I’m talking about an entire movement, and this site is the key to making that movement a reality.

Today, the One Hour Startup goes behind the curtain as a restructuring process gets underway.

I have big plans for what you and what our society can achieve.

When the curtain is lifted, you’ll see exactly what I mean – and I look forward to it inspiring you.

For the time being, the tentative reboot of the One Hour Startup is slated for May 2014.

Thank you and see you soon,