Ground Zero: Starting from Square One (with a plan)


entrepreneurial journeyIn this episode, I fly solo, having no guests aboard, but pulling back the curtains on the new venture I’m launching and inviting you to come along for the ride and watch as I implement the structured steps and strategies to grow this new business.

In this episode, I cover the initial plan that needs to be in place if there’s any chance of success to be had. And how I plan to drive traffic and build a huge list for this new endeavor.

Resources mentioned in today’s podcast:


FB Niche Explosion

Beard Brand


Virtual Freedom

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[DAY 17 OF 60] Cookie Dough to Carved in Wood Challenge: More fun to lose weight than write about it

Here’s the good news about the Fight Club-ready entrepreneur challenge:

Yes, it’s been several days since I last wrote about it, but that’s not because the worst-case scenario has happened.

I did NOT quit.

I just realized that writing about getting in shape is nowhere near as fun for me as actually doing it.

Hence why I never got into the health niche and hence (further) why I burnt out pretty fast on providing copywriting services to the fitness industry.

By Lucifer’s beard, did I ever burn out quick.

Another reason I’ve been away is because I’ve been focusing on a site of mine in an unrelated niche (I won’t reveal it to you right now), and writing about shit I love, which is something I haven’t done in a long time.

Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand:

Since I last wrote about the challenge, I haven’t succeeded in burning off any additional inches from the belly line, so I’ve decided to ditch the P90X and focus exclusively on hardcore gym work.

What it breaks down to is me exercising a different part of my body each visit, and then getting on the treadmill for what I’m aiming to make a total of 30 minutes per visit.

I’ve never understood this, but for some reason, I’ve always lost more weight faster by running on a treadmill than jogging in the streets.

I won’t waste too much time wondering, as so long as it works, I’m a happy camper.

It might be another few days until the next update, but now that I’m implementing the new hardcore gym regimen, I can assure you that I’ll have even bigger progress to report and (hopefully) inspire you with.


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[DAY 5 OF 60] Cookie Dough to Carved in Wood Challenge: Glutton for Punishment

As you’ve seen in the first two days of the 60-day challenge, I kicked things off with the P90X Arms and shoulders program and the Ab Ripper X video.

Well today, I wanted to go whole-hog: Doing BOTH one after the other.

Result: soreness, much soreness.

The good news is that my body is quickly adapting to the program and toughening up.

While I didn’t complete either video, I did add about 20% more workout time to each.

Just in case you were asking yourself the question: “Why wouldn’t you simply follow the program and move on to some of the other exercises instead of repeating the ones you already did?”

Good one.

Because I know my body.

I know that the key to accelerating the rate at which I adapt to specific videos and come closer to finishing them up is to repeat them until the muscles adhere to the roughness.

As you can see, it is already paying off.

Speaking of Progress…

Guess what – after less than a week, I’ve already burnt the first inch from my belly.


Alright, I’ll curb my enthusiasm, but with 55 days left in the challenge I now have six inches to burn instead of the seven.

[DAY 4 OF 60] Fight Club-Ready Entrepreneur: Balls of Steel get cancer too!

testicular healthTime to get a little VERY personal.

Let’s talk about balls.

My balls.

Your balls too.

Ladies, replace testicles with breasts, this is important.

As you’ve seen over the past few days, I’ve been taking charge and putting health front and center.

Part of that has much to do with listening to the signals my body emits…

…and it should be no different with you.

Honest disclosure: Over part of the past week, I’d been feeling a dull ache in one of my testicles.

When these kinds of things happen, I tend to give it a day or two to go away and then I consider a visit to the quack.

Actually, I shouldn’t say that about my doctor, he’s far from a quack, he’s a very kind individual.

This time, things went on longer than I cared to let it and I booked an appointment very quickly to see my family practitioner and get myself checked.

When I got to the doctor’s office I was made to wait over half-an-hour longer than I should have.

Was I annoyed?


Finally the moment of truth came.

I dropped my pants.

The doc strapped on the latex gloves.

I took in a deep breath hoping for the best.

“OK, that’s good, nothing out of the ordinary here,” he said as he examined the first one.

“And it seems like all’s good with this one too”

My shoulders floated to the air and a huge wave of relief took hold.

With there being cancer in my family, I can’t afford to take any chances and dropping my plans for an urgent exam is totally worth it.

Why am I writing you something so personal?

To goad you into acting to preserve your own health.

If you have someone in your family with a history of cancer, you cannot take chances.

This is why Angelina Jolie opted to have her breasts removed.

Exercise of the day:

P90X stretches (especially if you’re just starting out – your muscles are likely sore and contracted and could use a good stretch).

Food of the day:

+ Entrepreneurial brain juice smoothie

+ Two chia granola Kashi bars

+ Roasted chicken thighs with brown rice

+ Bowl of raw veggies

+ About 100 grams of mixed nuts

+ 16 brown rice crackers with inch-long slivers of low-fat cheddar

The Decaying Freebie Seeker that Time Forgot

“Without pain,without sacrifice, we would have nothing.”

-Tyler Durden

I just PERMANENTLY banned someone from the KDP Marketing Engine group on Facebook.

Reason: It’s slated to become a paid group, but while I’m building the core community of this group, people are invited to join for free.

While some really cool writers, authors and journos have joined the fray, so too have a couple of bad apples…namely…

Freebie Seekers

That’s right – while the doors to the KDP Marketing Engine are presently open for free for the time being, two people who’ve opted to join immediately asked how long it’ll remain free or should they ever have to pay for anything.

Kind of funny they should be asking that considering the ad that drove them there in the first place clearly stated that anyone joining during this time period is in for life (at no cost).

But that’s not good enough for a Freebie Seeker.

Oh no!

The very notion of investing even so much as a penny in their own advancement is the stuff of nightmares.

Know what I find quite ironic about the situation?

These people write for a living.

And barely anyone gets the run-around worse than writers (ask me how I know…oh wait – you’re about to find out).

Writers of all stripes constantly have to contend with low-ball offers that clearly demonstrate the person looking to hire them doesn’t hold the value of their skills in very high regard.

It’s not uncommon for writers to come across misers who expect to pay 70% less than market value (with a straight face, no less).

Why then, would someone who’s experienced first-hand what it’s like to have their skill, expertise and time pissed on do the very same to someone trying to help them?

Answer: because despite thinking their belief that being a scribe somehow puts them more ‘in-the-know’ about what’s really going in in society (re: seeing through the Matrix), they’re little more than part of the common Sheeple herd.

They’re 99ers.

Hey, there snowflake…why are you crying?


Oh wait…

“You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all a part of the same compost pile.”

Know what’s funny?

Yesterday I sent an email to my mailing list (you can read what I sent them here).

I asked three questions and offered quite a generous form of compensation for their time.

One of the three questions asked was; What has been your biggest challenge over the past THREE months?

The most common answer I got was:

“I need more traffic and build my email list”

When I asked these respondents if they enrolled in the Email Ronin course (which is free), the answer was “no” for most (three are working through the course now).

When I asked if they had picked up Jon Dykstra’s book on getting cheap Facebook traffic which they could use to build their lists, once again the answer was a VERY sheepish “no” (only TWO of the respondents picked it up). How much does the book cost? $9.95.

What would Jim Rohn say to someone like that?

“You don’t have a traffic / email list problem, you’re problem is YOU.”

Good News & Bad News

First the bad news: I’ve been working on a new course teaching the very street fundamentals that go into starting biz on a shoestring budget.

Thanks to the Sheeple, this course just underwent a huge price hike before it’s even released. You want in, you’ll have to really want it.

Good news: You can still get a discount on this now much-more-expensive course by taking action on this post.

Make no mistake of it:

Business is hard.

Marketing is hard.

If you’re going to play this game, you need to pay your pound of flesh.

Message out.